Tuesday, February 14, 2012


You can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink.

We have done our task of making you aware of the desperate plight of Finns and foreigners in Finland today. It is only going to get worse.

We have also informed you that there is NOT the Same Law For ALL in Finland.

But the apathy that exists is because the general feeling is that "It does not concern me!"

Annikki and me have done our task and our job in helping Finns and Foreigners for the last 27 years.

Our two hit books, written over a decade and a half ago, "Handbook For Survival in Finland" and "Seven Years Hard Labour in a Finnish Holiday Camp - A Finnish University" gave a deep insight into these problems that exist today.

Paying lip service or socialising will not solve the problems of smashed teeth, broken hands and even death, while the Police and the media, in collusion with the Government and the Bureaucracy, as well as the Judiciary, ignore the signs and create an IMAGE that all is well in Finland.

Finland is a country built on IMAGES which are far from reality!

Whether it be a traffic offence, doing your job and not getting the proper pay, discrimination between men and women, there is no system where you can fight those who are exploiting you.

Forget most Finnish Lawyers as they are probably the most corrupt in the world, only interested in making their minute by minute fees as they rob you blind.

Where does that leave you - literally NOWHERE. At the mercy of those whose only task is to ravage you when they feel like it.

As a foreigner, I have had a very nice life in Finland and done my share of work. I have earned my retirement.

Thanks to the fact that Annikki is a Finn, my problems were considerably less than a normal foreigner - a refugee, a student, an outsourced engineer or an expat.

I have not taken Finnish Citizenship, just as Annikki, even after living 15 years in Finland, did not take on Indian Citizenship. We are Citizens of this WORLD.

We specifically liked Priyanka's comment to our last post. She is an experienced Social Worker. It is young people like her who have to carry the baton forward.

You can use this forum.

If anyone wants Editorial Rights to keep it going, please ask and you will be added. We shall only continue to record what is happening.

If you want to act, do it together as an individual will be mauled, like the young Pakistani student, or driven to death, like the Somalian!

But the ball is in YOUR COURT.

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