Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to restart CHAFF

Those of you had enjoyed the old CHAFF are the keys to restarting a new era of CHAFF.

Please contact all of your friends in Finland, all over Finland, not just Oulu, and tell them what was your experiences of CHAFF.

It is your experiences, positive, which will bring others to the doors of a new form of CHAFF, which should encompass the old and ring in the new.

The main difference will be that, now, besdies being a social get together, it will be more focussed on looking at the problems that confront society, both Finns and foreigners.

Racism is raising its ugly head again in Finland. Two terrible attacks, one person badly mauled and the other died of injuries sustained. The big brother network has been influencing court decisions. Inconsistent decisions between two courts on exactly the same matter. The old story of the Same Law For All not being the system in Finland. The Lawyer's Association has become a joke. The Public Guardianship service is ignoring the dictates of their wards so as to rob them of their inheritance. High Courts are just rubber stamps for the rich and powerful. The Supreme Court refuses to take on cases on the grounds which are too flimsy to be even mentioned here. The Police are harassing foreign looking people.

There are several more issues that have to focussed on by the professional team which has to be set up by CHAFF. This would require a onsiderable amount of finance to get the correct type of Social Workers and Lawyers involved with this work.

Over the years I have met and discussed with competent and dedicated people. Now is the time to set this up as Professionally run organisation.

But the fate leis in your hands!

I am too old to be involved with this but am willing to give a helping and in whatever way is demanded of me.

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Priyanka said...

Just heard about the incident in Toppila, makes me so sad and helpless. The police while talking to the somali association, told them taht teh incident had nothing to do with racism. How long will they keep denying it, how many more people?? How do teh police know, it had nothing to do with racism ...were the police in conficence with teh attackers? Two similar incidents and I just ask how many times, a gang of armed finns have attacked another finn, forcing him to jump from a balcony! I was at a conference and aske dteh commissioner of police-what is racism and how does finnish law define it? He just giggled and said, of course if someone stares at you, its not racism. I just concealed my obvious anger and realised I am speaking to an apathetic retard. A counrty who has not made any positive discriminatory laws to protect the way the romas'mustalaiset' are treated since many many years, cannot do anything for foreigners. We have to get together and speak in a collective voice. Oragnise ourselves and demand answers and policy changes.