Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another case for CHAFF

I had a call from my garage owner, a really wonderful Iranian who has one of the very best garages in Oulu. He has a garage in Haukipudas, and recently opened a new garage, beautifully equipped, next to the Prisma and Gigantti at Limingantulli.

His garages run under the label PERSIALAHDEN AUTOPALVELU.

 He had just finished installing the new engine in my Opel Vectra.

 But the reason he called me was not because of my car.

 He was in tears when I reached there. He had been trying to reach me for a few days.

He has a very nice VW service van, which he has to take out when called to spots to repair vehicles. He also has a nice car for service calls.

 Both vehicles were parked behind his garage, not visible from the entrance to the area and over 200 metres from the road.

It is in a secluded place.

 The windows of both these vehicles had been smashed. 

What could be the reason for such vandalism?

 We will get the standard answer from the Police - NOT Racism.

 Wake up all of you.

The authorities, especially the Police, are not with us. The attacks have been primarily at those who area contributing to Finnish society, positively. The Police does not want to be bothered by our complaints!

 The situation is getting worse day by day.

If you cannot recognize the signs of what lies ahead - woe be upon you!

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