Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 90th birthday, Nelson Mandela

Happy 90th birthday to the world's greatest politician, leader EVER - Nelson Mandela. May he have very many more.

Copyright: Photograph from Dismantling Apartheid

He has taught mankind through his sincerity to his cause - the people of Africa.

Thank you Nelson Mandela.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Name Wanted! New Flea Market in Oulu

Quite a few Flea Markets in Oulu have closed down, moved or become not so attractive as they have changed their policy of what they are showing. Many have shifted over to more expensive antique furniture, trying to increase value turnover to meet their overhead costs.

The foreign community of Oulu and cost-conscious Oulu residents are prime users of Flea Markets, second only to my better half, who has picked up literally hundreds of great items from her visits to her favourite Flea Markets. Annikki is the ultimate Flea Market expert.

I have put up several web pages in the past on the Oulu Best Buy Blog telling people where the main Flea Markets are located, and I have visited all the Flea Markets regularly to see which ones have good offers.

Väliväiniö Ahmatie 16

Flea Market at Ahmatie 16 Flat 3.

After much soul searching I decided to start my own Flea Market, where the prices are really Flea Market prices. A small refreshment bar will also operate in the Flea Market.

I have finalised the name for the Flea Market or the daily opening times, nor have I employed anyone as yet. Presently, it operate between 09:00 am and 11:00 am on all weekdays, except Wednesday (07:45 am till 09:45 am). Timings for Saturdays and Sundays have not yet been finalised.

But you can get me out there by calling 041 706 7788.

I have a policy that if you purchase stuff more than € 30 I will organise free delivery to the front door of your building. I do not have staff to help you take it to your apartment and my age and back problem does not permit me to help with the really heavy stuff.

Last Sunday, as a launch, advertised in the Kaleva newspaper, I held a Courtyard Flea Market, supposed to open at 12 noon. People turned up already at 11:00 am. Because of the rush I was unable to move a lot of stuff from my godowns to the Flea Market. The weather held up till 17:00 hours when we had to close as a drizzle started.

This Sunday we will continue to have a Courtyard Flea Market, but we are not weather sensitive as we will have the indoor Flea Market open simultaneously. So no one will go away disappointed.

Welcome and hope you get some good buys!